Lettuce Cups and Gyoza

I have become more adventurous recently and I have began exploring the world of cooking blogs.  I’m not going to abandon my cookbooks, but I only have a total of like 4 cookbooks, so I was in desperate need of some new inspiration.  And did I ever find it! There is a whole world of cooking blogs out there. Last night for dinner I made lettuce cups using a recipe that I found on Steamy Kitchen. It is a delicious recipe that includes half of a minced up green apple!  I was very proud of my ability to replicate her recipe so closely.  The most exciting part was frying up the Mung Bean Noodles.  They make for such an impressive topping!  I am not a fan of PF Changs, so I was glad to find out that these tasted way better than any lettuce cups you can get there.  Tasting this recipe made me add her new cookbook that came out in October to my wishlist.

I ended up with a lot of leftover filling from my lettuce cups last night. Today for lunch I decided to turn it into gyoza.  These were definitely the most exciting leftovers I have ever had.  I also found these instructions how to make the gyoza on Steamy Kitchen.  Instead of using the filling that is listed on that recipe, I just used the leftover lettuce cup filling I had from dinner last night.  I used dumpling wrappers that I purchased at the store.  Maybe one day I will become brave enough to make my own.  My pleating on these dumplings are definitely not up to professional status yet, but I was proud that they did not fall apart while I was cooking them.