It all started with our wedding.  I’ve always had a love for cooking, baking and eating.  But always before I had obstacles:  lack of tools, lack of refrigerator and kitchen space because of living with roommates, and lack of budget.  Our wedding eliminated two of these three obstacles for me and I started out to become the best cook a husband could ask for.

Wedding Photo

I started as an amateur cook with a kitchen full gadgets and tools thanks to our generous wedding guests.  For my wedding shower, a long time friend gave me a pasta themed basket complete with a restaurant style cheese grater, pasta, a jar of marinara sauce, adorable dishtowels and our first wooden spoon.  The tag read “Happy cooking!”  Years later, I have found such joy in this hobby and that wooden spoon has become my favorite kitchen tool.  Wooden spoons are aesthetically pleasing but practical.  They have so many uses around the working kitchen and they look gorgeous in display.  The  first two months of  our marriage were spent finding every excuse to use all of these tools Armed with The Joy of Cooking, I spent weeks cooking recipe after recipe.  My husband had no complaints about being my taste tester.  This chicken pot pie was my inspiration to start blogging in the first place.  My posting went by the wayside once I entered graduate school.  Life got crazy!

About Me rolling pin

Now, I have returned to this blog as a creative outlet for not only cooking, but daily life.  I’ve decided to take the pressure off by not committing to a certain number of posts per week or posting elaborate recipes each time.  It’s just a time to share what’s going on in my little corner of the world.  I do not have any dreams of becoming a professional chef, but I do dream of having my personal recipe modifications penciled into the margins of my cookbooks, of inventing my own shortcuts and prep tips and putting delicious meals on the dinner table.