I started writing this blog in 2009, shortly after I was married and thought I was a successful food blogger.  For my bridal shower, a friend gave me a pasta-themed basket complete with a restaurant-style cheese grater, pasta, a jar of marinara sauce, adorable dishtowels and our first wooden spoon.  Years later, I have found such joy in this hobby and that wooden spoon has become my favorite kitchen tool.  Wooden spoons are aesthetically pleasing but practical with so many uses around the working kitchen. And they are darn cute in sitting in the utensil crock on your countertop.

Now, I have returned to this blog as a creative outlet for not only cooking but life in my suburban homestead.  I live in Southern California in an old ranch style house featuring a chicken coop and raised garden beds on the property.  I’ve got two kiddos, a hubby and a whole lotta mason jars.  We recently purchased the house from my parents when they downsized and moved into my childhood home and the site of our wedding reception.

I’m trying to determine exactly what the reboot of this blog looks like exactly.  It’s pretty fluid at this point, but I’d love to see my writings expand to gardening, family life, and possibly even personal finance.  I decided to reboot this blog because the title Our Wooden Spoon still exemplifies some much of my personal philosophy in most things: keep it simple.  The old way or the hard way of doing things have proven to be the most rewarding for me.  Examples: scratch cooking most things (think mayo, bread, yogurt, kombucha), cloth diapering, and spending time outside instead of in front of screens.  I’m not saying I do any one of these things perfectly or one hundred percent of the time.  But when I do, I see the dividends in my life.