Holiday Catch Up

Regretfully, I have not updated my blog in over a month.  There have been a few contributing factors.  The first is that I found out I have high cholesterol.  (Partially because of all the buttery things I have been cooking and posting on this blog and partially because of the lovely genetic hand I have been dealt.)  It has bummed me out too much to want to make any cool recipes, let alone post them on here.  Seriosly, at 24 to already have high cholesterol?!?!! But after taking a month to grieve over my high LDLs and low HDLs, I have decided to move forward and take it as an opportunity to post much healthier recipes on here.  Well I will start posting healthier stuff after today because these are a bunch of old pictures of incredibly unhealthy treats.  The second factor is that I have been bummed about being unemployed. After we moved, looking for a job turned out to be a thoroughly discouraging task.  Turn down after turn down.  But that all changed on Friday!  🙂  So now I am going into Christmas with a new and optimistic outlook.

In the past month there are very few items I have taken pictures of to post on here.  I will share with you the few that I did take.

Our first Thanksgiving turned out to be a fabulous one.  But in my frenzy, I forgot to take pictures of everything except for the turkey and the table.  I brined my turkey and I don’t think I will ever do it any other way after this because it turned out so darn delicious.

I was excited to use all of our nice china, linens and silverware for the first time.

My most favorite photo is of my new husband carving our first Thanksgiving turkey.

Mostly I was just thankful that the bird turned out beautiful AND delicious.

One of my favorite gift items I made this holiday season was Hot Chocolate on a Stick.  You can find the recipe here from this really awesome blog, Giver’s Log.

I made these extra Christmasey by adding crunched up candy cane to the dipped layer of white chocolate, making it peppermint hot chocolate.

I packaged it all up in mugs to make a cutesy gift.

I also make a batch of snowflake cookie cutters to send with Marc to work for a charity event they are doing.  They turned out pretty cute too.


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